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Unbeatable prices, Timely Top-Quality Service.

What once started as a small garden center has grown into a full Landscape Service. With now 8 trucks we are at the ready to provide you with our top notch quality services. If you have an outdoor project Plant World can more then likely complete the entire project without the need of any subcontractors.  We will first start by creating a digital design based on the customers envision and then bring it to life. Once the design is in order we will then proceed installing hardscapes then follow with a landscape finish from plant install to sod. Our goal is customer satisfaction in a timely manor from the start of the project until completion. Once the project is completed don't forget all landscaping needs to be maintained. Let us set up a custom Maintence contract for you. We have you covered for seasonal projects such as Spring Clean up and mulching, Leaf removal/fall clean up, and snow removal. We can also help with the more frequent chores such as weed removal, shrub trimming, tree trimming, lawn mowing, and fertilization. Let us be your go to landscaping one stop shop for all of your outdoor needs.

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