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Plant World offers landscape design & installation work for both residential and commercial properties in the Cincinnati area. Services we offer include:


Spring Clean Up & Mulch

  • Remove all leaves, branches, and other debris that have accumulated over time throughout your property and landscape beds

  • Trim/shape all shrubs, trees, and other vegetation

  • Deeply edge all beds with spade, by hand

  • Herbicide application consisting of glyphosate and pre-emergent

  • Garden bed fertilization

  • Finished with a top layer of mulch, pine straw or rock

Fall Clean Up & Leaf Removal

  • Shrub, tree, and perennial trimming or shaping

  • Weed removal

  • Leaf and debris removal from full property, and hauled away


Plant Install / Design

  • One of our experts will meet the customer on site to formulate a proper planting design to fit your garden needs

  • Create computer generated designs to allow the customer to to see our vison before installation

  • Recommend proper plants for shade, sun, and other factors to insure best plant production

  • Provide customer with guidelines of proper care and up keep for all plants installed 

Brush Removal

  • Remove all unwanted vegetation and brush to expand or neaten up your yard

  • Optional herbicide application or stump grinding for a permanent fix

  • Convert new space to a garden bed or extend your lawn

  • Haul away all debris

Before and After 

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